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Welcome to Wild Search Australia's Nature Connection School. We are a nature-based business from Byron Bay, Australia. Our mission is to inspire, educate and connect you with nature, for a well-balanced, wild and adventurous life! We currently have one Online Program - the 'Wild Search 7 Week Transformational Journey'. Join us and wild your life!

Are you ready to live a wildly better, healthier, more adventurous and connected life?


By spending just 20 meaningful minutes in nature per day, I can show you how to gain greater confidence, adventure and connection to the wild in your life.

I’m here to help you get outdoors, live and breathe your passion, make a difference in this world and experience the benefits of a nature connected life.
You know that nature is good for your soul.
You can feel it every time you step into a forest, swim in a creek, eat from the wild and sleep under the stars.
You know you need to connect with your wild roots and remember.
This isn’t easy in our modern, technology-driven society.
I, too, have been a victim of our disconnected world.
Stress, anxiety, overwork, overeating, dis-ease, overwhelm, burnout – I’ve experienced it all.
I’ve managed to turn my mental and physical health around by connecting back in with my wild self and coming home to nature.
I’m here to help you do the same.
I have developed this online offering because I want to help women like you transform their lives with the power of the natural world.
Get wild with me!


<<< Introducing the Wild Search 7 Week Transformational Journey >>>


This online program will take you on a deep dive into all aspects of your life to shake things up and get you living your best, most natural selves.

In just 20 meaningful minutes per day, you can transform your life from mild to wild.


Experience the many benefits of a nature connected life:

improved mental and physical health

greater connection to self and community

mind-blowing interactions with the natural world

more wild adventures

and the confidence and freedom to live your best life


Worried that you don’t have enough nature around you to make this work?

No worries sister, because I’m going to show you that nature is all around you and you can tap into it any minute!


This program is your complete guide to getting outdoors more, having meaningful interactions with the natural world and living in alignment with your beautiful, wild self.

Do you feel like you’re not living your best, passion-driven and connected life?

Do you desire to make a positive impact on our precious Earth?

Are you craving adventure because you’re stuck indoors too much due to work, lifestyle or family commitments?


I can help you shake these feelings and live a life full of wild passion and adventure!

Gain the freedom to live your best, most sustainable and healthy life

Be the solution and make the difference to the Earth that you desire

Be your unapologetic self and release the pressures of our modern society

Stop letting stress and anxiety rule your days

Embark on the wild adventures that you’ve been craving

Have the confidence to take those risks you’ve been dreaming of

Discover the nature connection tools to manage your health and wellbeing

 Relax in the knowing that nature holds the key to everything you need in life

Connect with a like-minded group of wild women.

Experience the many benefits of a nature connected life with me!


If you’re anything like me, I bet you’ve been feeling trapped behind four walls and like there’s a growing urgency to live your best life, make a difference, embrace your adventurous spirit and dive into nature?!


Did you know, Australians spend more than 90% of their time indoors. This should be a national emergency!


As a wild awake woman, you know you need nature to soothe your soul and more than ever before, nature needs you.


Have you ever experienced what happens when you spend time immersed in the natural world?


Something so deep comes to life inside you that is enlivening, inspiring and powerful – that’s the benefits of nature connection.


Not only does nature enliven you on a physical level, but on a soul level it can super charge your mood, motivation and confidence and empower you to go for what you really want in life.


Research has shown that spending just 20 minutes in nature per day can significantly improve your health and wellbeing… so what are you waiting for?


If you’re ready to wild your life, get outdoors and experience the benefits of nature connection, I’m ready to show you how – in just 20 meaningful minutes per day, you can transform your life and make the positive difference you’ve always wanted to.


What do I receive when I enrol in the program?

The Wild Search 7 Week Transformational Journey is guaranteed to get you living a wildly better, healthier, adventurous and more connected life.


Weekly Modules delivered via an online membership site.

Weekly Activities & ‘Wild Your Life’ Challenges – all designed to get you back to nature through how to guides, recipes, demonstrations on nature connection activities, DIY project ideas, exercises for wellness and more.

Weekly tips and tricks from my research, experts’ knowledge and my personal real-life, wild experiences.

Video delivery of expert tuition in nature connection techniques, ecology, bush walking, adventure planning, natural movement, wild foods, bushcraft, self-awareness activities, building community and rewilding in a modern world.

Membership to a private Facebook Group where you can connect to other amazing humans all on the journey with you.


15% off Wild Search Australia’s natural body products range.


Do you want a bit of extra support & expert guidance to wildly transform your life?

This is a 3 or 12 month Membership and Mentoring Program for the committed rewilders. Let’s dive deeper into nature connection as a tool for wellness and transform your life.


Upgrade to receive 3 or 12 months of personal support and receive:

The full ‘Wild Search 7 Week Transformational Journey’ Online Course

PLUS Monthly 30 minute 1:1 check-in calls with Caitlin Weatherstone

+ Additional support in way of personal emails

+ A 30% discount on any Wild Search Australia body products, events and workshops

This program has been specifically designed to fit into your busy schedule, so you can complete your week in only 20 minutes per day for 7-12 weeks.


P.S. This program and all of its activities have been designed with COVID-19 restrictions in mind, so can be completed solo from your home. Although, digital community involvement is highly recommended for support and connection through your VIP access to the private ‘Wild Search 7 Week Transformational Journey’ Facebook Group.



This program is for you if…

🌿 You want to shake things up, feel stuck, unmotivated, anxious or unhappy in your current situation

🌿 You are looking for a transformational, personal challenge through wild adventure and nature connection

🌿 You are seeking unique health and wellness techniques to benefit your life

🌿 You love nature but are stuck inside too much due to work commitments, iso life or other current circumstances

🌿 You crave a deep connection to SOMETHING during these cray cray times of physical human disconnection

🌿 You are passionate about the natural world and want to learn how to have meaningful interactions with it on a daily basis

🌿 You are seeking to create a community of like-minded humans around you.


Sign up to our Nature Connection School and Enrol for the program now.




Did you know, Australians spend more than 90% of their time indoors? This is a national disaster!


Research has shown that spending at least 20 minutes in nature daily can significantly increase physical and mental health.


So, let’s get your indoor generation outside again!



wild search australia nature connection school with Caitlin Weatherstone

Hi, I'm Caitlin Weatherstone.

Nature Nerd. Gemini. Hiker. Choc-a-holic. Byron Bay beach bum.

I'm an Australian based Wildlife Ecologist and Environmental Educator with a Master’s degree in Tropical Ecology and Conservation. I am the Founder and Owner of Wild Search Australia; a nature connection business dedicated to all things wild. I have had my life radically transformed by spending quality time in nature, and I'd love to share what I've learnt with you! Get wild with me!

Follow along @wildsearch and Stay wild x